The Sneakers That Are Replacing Our Adidas Sambas This Year

written by TINSLEY CRISP

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Source: Dolce Vita
Source: Dolce Vita

After the last year of almost exclusively seeing Adidas Sambas as people’s sneaker of choice both on and off the internet, I began to wonder if another pair would ever see the light of day. Don’t get me wrong: I completely understand the hype surrounding Sambas, but between them always being sold out and their popularity, I’m just ready to move on. In an effort to get excited about sneakers again, I set out to discover the next it-girl pair and was surprised to find an abundance of great alternatives—dare I say, better alternatives—to Adidas Sambas.

A few years ago, I would have rarely been seen wearing athletic shoes outside of the occasional gym session or morning coffee walk, but thanks to a new casual era of style, sneakers have successfully entered their way into everyday life. When it became socially acceptable to wear sneakers with dresses, a part of my style identity was untapped that I never knew existed. Now, I rarely reach for a shoe that isn’t a sneaker. 

It seems that I’m not alone in my sudden switch to comfort shoes—my social media feeds are inundated with sneaker round-ups. Most likely because we’ve all figured out the magic of sneakers; they can do it all, and they look good doing it. So whether you’re a city girl whose life depends on a practical, wear-with-everything sneaker or you’re just someone looking for a trendy trainer to slip on every once in a while, here’s a list of the best Adidas Samba sneaker alternatives.

1. Schutz Wave Sneakers

Stop me in my tracks, why don’t you! I recently saw these online and was shocked when I realized they weren’t designer. Schutz, often thought of for affordable flats and heels, is making waves—literally—with their new Wave Sneakers in a host of metallic colorways to keep your it-girl looks feeling fresh all summer long.

Wave Sneakers
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2. Gola Elan Sneakers

For years, Gola has offered a relatively similar silhouette to the image above; however, they came in mostly neutral colors that (sorry) weren’t very exciting. Once I saw this season’s new offerings, I totally reimagined the brand. These have the same gum sole as the Adidas Sambas but in more of a squared-off shape, and there’s a higher chance of finding something in stock.

Elan Sneakers
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3. Salomon XT-6 Mindful 3 Sneakers

Now these are Salomons I can get behind. When this outdoor brand first hit the trending fashion scene, I immediately had visions of my husband’s old hiking boots in the closet—clunky and style-defying. And until now, I still struggled to get on board. These low-top, sport-style shoes in a light, pastel combo may have just won me over entirely.

XT-6 Mindful 3 Sneakers
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4. Dolce Vita Notice Sneakers

A few months ago, I was looking for an affordably priced silver sneaker because, unfortunately, the Adidas x Wales Bonner Sambas rendition was well over $500. That’s when I discovered the Notice Sneakers, a very similar, mixed-material option in a host of fun colors. While I originally had my sights on silver, I couldn’t help but peruse the other fresh color combos. My favorite part? The subtle scalloped edge around the tongue of the shoe.

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5. Puma Palermo Sneakers

Puma is a brand that hasn’t come to mind for several years—most likely because, if you were around in the early 2000s, you remember a heavily rounded, black-and-white sneaker that just never seemed to work, no matter how hard we tried. But nonetheless, they’re back and better than ever. The sleek, monochromatic design of the Palermo Sneakers with the pop of color on the side has officially put Puma back on my radar. (Not to mention, this grapey peach color combo—immediate, yes!). You’re probably spotting a theme amongst this list: gum soles. It’s not that we’re gum-sole-averse, we just want something that screams, “I’m not like the other girls.”

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Looking for Another Way to Spice Up Your Sneakers? Try Swapping Your Laces

Swapping the laces on your sneakers will insert more personality and offer a one-of-a-kind design unique to you. If you’re not wanting to invest in a new pair of sneakers right now, experimenting with laces can help breathe new life into an existing pair you may have overlooked.

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