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Everything You Need To Move Your WFH Days Onto the Patio


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Source: Yan Krukao | Pexels
Source: Yan Krukao | Pexels

With remote work still thriving on the job scene, many of us find ourselves going about our work day in the comfort of our own homes. But, sometimes, the spaces we find ourselves in for day-to-day tasks make it hard to separate work and relaxation. It’s easy to fall into the habit of working from your comfortable couch or bedroom, but these spaces do not do your productivity any justice and can deter you from your best work. Being inside all day can also have detrimental effects and can stop you from getting your necessary daily dose of Vitamin D.

By optimizing your workspace to something designed intentionally for you and your work day, you can increase your productivity and focus. And weather permitting, working from outside might be the best way to keep you focused and enjoying the work day a little more. Here are some of our favorite pieces to create the perfect Work-From-Outside setup:

Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler

This 24-ounce stainless steel tumbler will keep your drink cool and you hydrated no matter the temperature outside.

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Bucket Hat

Bucket hat girlies, this is the perfect work-from-outside hat. It features a wide brim to keep your face and the back of your neck protected from the sun all day long.

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Lap Desk

This lap desk fits most any computer size and also includes a power bank and charging cable, which can keep you from trying to find an outdoor outlet or a ridiculously long extension cord.

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Amazon | danpinera
Side Table

This green side table adds a fun pop of color for your setup. It’s also anti-rust and waterproof, so you can leave it outside no matter the weather.

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Amazon | F FORITO
Anti-Glare Screen Protector

This anti-glare and anti-blue light screen protector is a must-have when working in direct sunlight. It will keep your eyes protected and your screen visible so that you can actually use your laptop in the sun.

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Amazon | Big Joe
Ottoman Footrest

This round cushioned ottoman is the ultimate footrest, keeping you comfy while you lounge and work in the sun.

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5 Wick Scented Candle

This five-wick candle really brings the space together and will keep you feeling cozy and comfortable in the outdoor setting. Bonus: It features citronella, so it will keep the bugs at bay while you enjoy the sun.

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Beachcrest Home
Outdoor Seating Group

These light wood cushioned chairs are sturdy and comfortable, perfect for sitting outside for a few hours while you type away on your laptop. Place your beverage of choice and some snacks on the small side table and this setup has almost everything you need.

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Bluetooth Speaker

Play your lo-fi work playlist (or Taylor Swift album of choice) outside with this portable bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re trying to capture all the summer vibes or simply need a relaxing backtrack while you focus, you’ll love the sound quality of this little speaker.

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Amazon | Abrotain
Patio Shade Cover

Small space? That’s no problem with this patio shade cover. It offers privacy while shading you from the sun, perfect for apartment balconies or small decks.

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Amazon | Veradek
Outdoor Cooler Side Table

Keep your snacks and drinks cool and protected in this outdoor cooler that doubles as a side table. 2-in-1? Yes, please.

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World Market
Reversible Outdoor Floor Mat

This floor mat will help bring your work from outside space to life and make it a place where you enjoy working!

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Amazon | KEVLANG
Acrylic Tray

This acrylic tray is perfect for holding any of your day-to-day necessities, but could even be filled with your favorite snacks and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day.

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Denim Baseball Cap

This denim baseball cap is perfect to keep the sun and hair out of your face and is casual enough to add to any outfit you have on during your work-from-outside days!

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Arlmont & Co.
Outdoor Daybed

Yes, you’re working, but who says you can’t relax while doing so? This functional outdoor daybed features detachable footrests that can also be used as a side-table for customizable use.

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Amazon | YPRNM
Laptop Desk

This lap desk is great if you are looking for something more sturdy, with standing legs on both sides. The desk splits into an adjustable laptop tray and a small side table tray, perfect for your favorite drink or a small notebook!

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Amazon | Thermacell
Mosquito Repellent

Nothing can ruin a day outdoors quite like bugs, and we haven’t forgotten that. This mosquito repellent will keep the bugs away and let you work outside in peace.

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Amazon | Sweetfull
Portable Misting Fan

This portable misting fan will help keep you cool and refreshed on those hot days, and works great to keep you awake and productive!

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Sun Bum
Face Mist

This SPF 45 face mist is a necessity for being outside on a sunny day. It keeps your skin protected and hydrated throughout your work day!

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Hampton Bay
Outdoor Patio Umbrella

This patio umbrella is a major addition to creating this workspace, allowing you to bathe in the warm sun, but also retreat to the shade as much as you’d like to during the day.

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Amazon | Javasok
Cup Sleeve

This cup sleeve is perfect for those who need a quick coffee run before work. It will keep all the condensation from your cup away from your electronics or paper and keep your hand from getting cold as well!

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Lip Oil

Keep your lips hydrated with this editor-favorite lip oil. It also includes SPF 30, so not only will your lips feel great, but they’ll also be protected.

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