11 Steamy Ideas to Borrow From ‘Bridgerton’

written by SYDNEY COX
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

There are many reasons to fall in love with the Bridgerton universe. It could be the ornately dazzling costumes or the bitingly funny dialogue. It could be Daphne’s strength, Anthony’s wit, Lady Danbury’s edge, or King George’s undying devotion. Or… it could be the sex scenes. I’ve never clutched my metaphorical pearls quite as hard as I do every time I watch (and re-watch) a sexy Bridgerton scene.

As an intimacy coordinator, I’m always intrigued by how we choose to depict intimacy on screen. Still, I usually find myself watching for the mechanics and techniques of it all. The Shonda Rhimes production value when it comes to intimacy makes me blush and kick my feet like I’m four espresso martinis deep at happy hour with the girls—and we’re about to get another season. (May 16, if you’re wondering!)

Wanna blush from the sexiness, too? I’ve rounded up 10 of the steamiest Bridgerton scenes for you to watch when you’re in the mood. You can thank me later.

1. Anthony and Siena against a tree

Bridgerton: Season 1, Episode 1

We are starting off strong, folks. I covered my mouth in a mixture of shock and delight when this scene popped up on the screen for the first time. It’s HOT. The opening credits have barely ended before we see Anthony Bridgerton’s bare backside as he rather passionately backs his forbidden love into a tree… over and over again during an intimate quickie.

The intimacy in this scene is so deeply animalistic that it succeeds in setting a tone for the entirety of the first season. As watchers, we are thrown directly into the dirty and sensual world of the Bridgerton universe, and we aren’t complaining one bit.

Source: Netflix

2. Simon and Daphne… absolutely everywhere

Bridgerton: Season 1, Episode 6

Easily one of the most recognizable scenes in the first season of Bridgerton, the now-married Duke and Duchess quite literally christen every possible surface with their larger-than-life passion. The sequence lasts about three minutes in total (which is LONG in the best way) and follows the newlyweds as they go at it in the rain, in bed, in broad daylight outside, and in the library on a ladder. I mean… wow. The sex, while arguably indulgent in amount, is tasteful, burning, and fun. Honestly, the mixture of sexy positions and settings is inspiring.

3. Simon and Daphne on the stairs

Bridgerton: Season 1, Episode 7

Who needs traditional bedroom-style sex? Not the characters in season one of Bridgerton. While there are plenty of examples for the bedroom-loving types, changing up the scenery ups the “wow factor” for the watchers. The focus on female pleasure in season one is incredibly prevalent and shows up on repeat. One of these moments crystalizes for me as Simon kisses Daphne’s body and goes in for a particularly spicy oral session on the stairs. This scene certainly made me want to try out new places around the home—and find a castle to christen while I’m at it!

Source: Netflix

4. Anthony and Kate kiss… almost

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 4

What is steamier than a kiss? The answer is a ruined kiss. Sexual tension builds like little breadcrumbs, and sometimes collecting the pieces can make the final bite of bread more satisfying. After Kate tells Anthony that she is moving to India, the two storm off to the library where they exchange strong words—and a healthy dose of heavy breathing and close proximity. Anthony closes the distance, and the two come dangerously close to kissing—before Daphne interrupts. This scene is one of my favorites because it does what I lovingly call “breadcrumbing” perfectly. We want them to kiss so badly, but Shondaland isn’t ready to give it to us. What a tease.

5. Anthony Bridgerton in a soaking wet shirt

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 5

While not a sex scene, this is still one of the steamiest moments in the series, in my opinion. From the moment Anthony Bridgerton emerged from the lake dripping wet in a white shirt, my jaw was on the floor. Reminiscent of the 1995 Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth, let me hear the applause) from Pride and Prejudice, there is something about a flustered man in soaking wet garments that gets everyone around him a little… excited. I mean, we can’t blame Kate at this point! I love talking about the female gaze in media; we see it here plainly.

Source: Netflix

6. Anthony and Kate in the garden

Bridgerton: Season 2, Episode 7

This is my hands down favorite scene. It’s arguably the best scene of season two. It is only the moment we’ve been waiting for throughout the whole season—and it’s on fire. Should Anthony and Kate have sex right now? They should not. But the tension has built to a peak, and down they fall. This scene is risky—not only are they outside and easily discoverable, but they are putting Kate’s entire future on the line.

This scene is tense—the confessions of lustful attraction from both parties are not without pulling teeth… but they’re oh-so-good! And this scene is sexy—Anthony’s face hovering between Kate’s thighs? Long sighs and deep, guttural breathing in the moonlight? It’s truly dizzying.

7. Charlotte and George finally do it

Queen Charlotte: Season 1, Episode 2

Up to this point, the royal couple has not consummated their marriage with wedding night festivities—much to Charlotte’s dismay. That all changes, however, with a little concentrated eye contact and sweet talking from George. The two decide to start their wedding night over, and what follows is the most sensual depiction of a “first time” I’ve ever seen.

Passionate kisses in the hallway build to the moments of preparation for Charlotte, as she dresses in her best nightgown and is led to the bedroom. I giggle at the longing in George’s light touch to the side of Charlotte’s face, and the slow, deliberate way they undress each other is nothing short of breathtaking. (There is also a lip bite from George in this scene that would make the most cold-hearted of us melt.) Who knew a little missionary position with some great breathwork and shy smiles could be so damn hot? Shonda Rimes did! Cue the honeymoon phase!

Source: Netflix

8. Charlotte and George on the dinner table and in the bath

Queen Charlotte: Season 1, Episode 3

Talk about an enemies-to-lovers moment if I’ve ever seen one. While George and Charlotte seem to be back on the outs, they do not act like it when it comes to getting down and dirty. Determined to conceive an heir, the two are making the most of their “even” days—or the days when Charlotte is most fertile. This scene is a little rougher than the first, and dishes fly as she’s lifted onto the table. It’s more about what we hear than what we see because even when the doors close off our sightline, the moans and gasps can be heard loud and clear.

We then immediately transition to King George’s bath—on another even day—where he sternly orders Charlotte to join him. I love the power Bridgerton gives their female characters, and we see her take the lead this time around. Charlotte straddles George and fully controls the motion as she rides. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and the need is primal. My favorite moment of tension in this scene is George’s subtle hand flex as he grips the side of the tub. The devil is in the details, quite literally.

9. Charlotte and George ball montage

Queen Charlotte: Season 1, Episode 6

This montage makes me weak in the knees. We watch George trace kisses up Charlotte’s inner wrist, followed by some adorable pillow talk. I’ve never seen a moment so clearly display both the romantic love and primal desire that a couple can feel for each other, but this scene makes my cheeks flush red and my heart skips a beat. There is so much intimacy in being gentle, which is something George has down to a science, let me tell you.

With some rough-and-tumble yet sensual missionary peppered in, you truly can’t go wrong. They’re having fun, and the intimacy feels mindful. It makes this moment that much more desirable—when I’m asked to choreograph a moment of sexual intimacy where the two are truly in love, this is my go-to inspiration.

Source: Netflix

10. Brimsley and Reynolds… also in the bath!

Queen Charlotte: Season 1, Episode 6

Something about bathtubs gets Shondaland (and all of us, let’s be honest) hot and heavy. While not inherently a sex scene, there is something so intimate about two characters sharing a bath. Light touches on each other’s arms and prolonged eye contact complement the soft conversation about the future—a future that may not be possible due to the punishable offense of being openly queer during this time.

Although not necessarily steamy, the scene is beautiful and worth including in this round-up. We so clearly see the complexity and vulnerability of falling in love with nothing but two bodies in close physical proximity. “Great love can make miracles,” Reynolds says as they share a kiss. It makes me believe, even momentarily, that it possibly can.

Source: Netflix

11. Colin and Penelope in the carriage

Bridgerton: Season 3, Episode 4

The intimate moment alone (mostly…those poor carriage drivers) between Penelope and Colin in the carriage was something that we all had eagerly been waiting for. I gasped as Colin finally confesses his feelings, in such romantic and desperate words. My favorite moment is when Penelope caresses Colin’s face and we see this deep, primal yearning overtake him. His eyes full of need, love, and desire finally spilling out for a woman he had looked past for so long.

The steamy kisses and slow touches had us all screaming and giggling, and let’s be honest, we all rewinded the scene quite a few times. Penelope’s gasps and moans as Colin touches her under her dress are so intimate, I truly felt like I was interrupting something. This scene reinforces the trope that so many of us love, “she fell first, but he fell harder”, and this scene did it incredible justice. We are all truly in for a ride on what is to come in part 2 of the season.