The Nancy Meyers Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by MICHELLE LEMA
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

One of the movies I’ve seen more times than I can count is The Holiday. The movie has an epic house swap, an adorable cast, and the magical yet realistic vibes only a Nancy Meyers movie can achieve. The same can be said for many of Meyers’ movies, including The Parent Trap and Father of the Bride, which I distinctly remember seeing for the first time. Meyers continued this magical streak with later movies like Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, and The Intern.

The writer and director has been a consistent force in the entertainment industry, delivering heartfelt stories that almost always make us laugh and cry, and my favorite, the simultaneous laugh-cry. Her characters are both relatable and distinct, sorting out their flaws and strengths before our very eyes. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes and have definitely had my suspicions as to what zodiac sign each character represents. If you’ve wondered the same, I did a deep dive. Here’s what Nancy Meyers character you are, based on your zodiac sign.


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Amanda from The Holiday

At the beginning of The Holiday, we see Amanda running a successful business making movie trailers. She’s clearly the best in her field. Like an Aries sign, she’s bold, ambitious, and works hard. However, as is evidenced in the movie, even fiery Aries need some time to rest and recalibrate their life, which is exactly what Amanda does. Her main personal conflict arises when she attempts to tap into the emotions she’s ignored for years, a worthy journey of a brave Aries.


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Annie Banks from Father of the Bride

Practical and reliable, Annie Banks maintains a steady calm throughout Father of the Bride, even when her family and wedding planner are adding nothing but drama. Just like a Taurus, she’s down to earth and knows how to connect with her loved ones. She also knows how to luxuriate in a Nancy Meyers wedding, which is certainly in the realm of Taurus signs. Her wedding is lavish, thanks to Franck, but she also has no problem throwing on sneakers and jumping into a game of basketball with her dad. She’s the perfect example of a Taurus sign’s two sides.


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Jane Adler from It’s Complicated

Jane Adler, played by the incredible Meryl Streep, owns a bakery and has a talent for making unique pies and pastries. Much like any Gemini, she has a vibrant and complex personality, led by her wit and ability to be spontaneous in any situation. In the movie, she’s torn between two very different love interests, which Gemini signs can likely relate to. Like Jane, while their many abilities and passions can lead them down several roads, Geminis are not afraid to try something new.


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Chessy from The Parent Trap

Chessy is often the glue that holds The Parent Trap together, constantly taking care of everyone, just like any Cancer sign would. She genuinely wants the best for Hallie and Annie, and when she finds out about their swap, she is immediately empathetic and emotionally invested in their well-being. Like a Cancer sign, Chessy is highly intuitive and often knows the people in her life better than they know themselves.


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Miles from The Holiday

Miles is a musician who scores movies, and while he has a flair for the dramatic, he’s also incredibly kind and loyal. These are absolutely traits of Leo signs, who enjoy the spotlight but are also often great leaders who know how to motivate the people around them. For example, Miles is not afraid to sing loudly in a video store, even if everyone starts staring. Like a Leo sign, he’s more focused on making his friends laugh than caring about what other people think.


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George Banks from Father of the Bride

Virgo signs are organized and logical, so it makes sense that George Banks is thrown by the turn his daughter’s wedding takes toward the extravagant. Of course, we as an audience know that a lavish wedding or home is practically required in Nancy Meyers movies, but George wants things to be practical and stable, which Virgo signs are excellent at maintaining. However, also like a Virgo, his grounded and diligent nature are the reasons why he’s ultimately a supportive and loving father.


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Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap

Okay, so we know from the movie that Hallie and Annie were born on October 11, which they discovered when they met at camp. October 11 falls into the Libra zodiac sign, and it couldn’t be more perfect for the two. Like two sides of a coin, twins can often have very different but connected personalities. While growing up in separate places, they both hold on to key Libra traits: wanting to establish equilibrium in their family but also making hasty judgments to achieve it (like swapping their lives). Libra signs are often represented by scales, and Annie and Hallie certainly balance each other out.


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Julian Mercer from Something’s Gotta Give

Julian Mercer is a doctor and fan of theater and playwright Erica Barry. Like a Scorpio, Julian is quiet and reserved but incredibly thoughtful and sensitive. He’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and makes decisions both in work and in life based on his instincts alone. His Scorpio qualities of intuitiveness and intensity make him a supportive partner, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s played by the one and only Keanu Reeves.


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Ben from The Intern

Like any Sagittarius, Ben is open to trying new things. He’s constantly learning and growing, no matter what age he’s at. When he becomes an intern at the age of 70, instead of pushing against the experience like some might, he gathers his Sagittarius strength and decides to go on an emotional and intellectual journey, all while imparting wisdom to the younger people who are teaching him in turn.


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Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give

Successful playwright Erica Barry lives in what might be one of the most iconic Nancy Meyers movie homes. She is confident, focused, and dedicated to her work like Capricorns are known to be. Also, like a Capricorn, Erica has no problem being critical of the situations and people around her. Once she’s made an assessment, she has no problem pursuing her goals and achieving them.


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Jules from The Intern

Jules is constantly tapping into innovative new ideas to maintain success at her company, just like an Aquarius sign would. She’s driven but also not afraid to go against the norm to be the best. As a natural Aquarius leader, she connects to her team, as well as her 70-year-old intern, by communicating clearly and challenging everyone to try out new ideas and take on challenging projects.


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Iris from The Holiday

The cottage that Iris lives in in The Holiday is basically a Pisces dreamland. Cozy and charming as it is, Iris needed an escape from reality, which often clashed with fantasies about the newly engaged coworker she fell in love with. This internal conflict is a core trait of Pisces, who can live in dreams and reality at the same time, with deep imagination and sensitivity. Like a true Pisces, Iris taps into kindness and empathy to not only improve her own life but that of her new elderly neighbor as well.