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The Taylor Swift Song You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by MICHELLE LEMA
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The moment Taylor Swift announced the release date of her next album, The Tortured Poets Department, an internal countdown began in my brain. Ever since, I’ve been listening to all of Taylor’s albums on repeat. But to be honest, I did this before she announced the new album, and will likely do so forever. I stand by this statement: There is a Taylor song to listen to that applies to every possible life scenario. I personally have learned a lot listening to Taylor’s music and watching her career unfold. And it’s no secret that millions of people feel the same, especially with the incredible success of The Eras Tour, which is (thankfully) streaming on Disney+. Everyone has a different Taylor song that speaks to them, and it has a lot to do with our personalities and experiences—thus, our zodiac signs come into play. Curious which Taylor song connects to your zodiac sign the most? Read on to find out:


The ambitious and bold feelings in this song certainly give Aries vibes. It’s a great song to throw on when you’re about to face a challenge, which Aries signs do not shy away from. The lyrics are straightforward and completely unapologetic, which Aries are known for in their style of communicating with the world. Without a doubt, Taylor’s use of repetition in the lyrics throughout the song shows off the relentless drive and dedication Aries signs are known for.


Taurus signs usually love serenity, and this song definitely gives off that feeling. While Taylor’s lyrics throughout the song tell a story about being in love when you’re young, there is a sense that it’s being told from the perspective of later years. While Taurus signs like to avoid big changes like moving on from love, they can appreciate and reflect on the past with the same down-to-earth approach that this song does.


The music of this song has a mystical quality to it, which is something free-spirited and playful Gemini signs can relate to. The lyrics call into question the duality of being human and being two things at once: the archer and the prey. Gemini signs are often balancing two parts of themselves, weaving in and out of many talents, which can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. The Archer nails the feeling of connecting to both sides of oneself.


Cancer signs wear their hearts on their sleeves, and All Too Well does exactly that, especially in the 10-minute version. The song takes listeners on a roller coaster of feelings through love, loss, and betrayal. Cancers will have no problem connecting to this as they know how to easily tap into both emotional and material realms. Cancer signs also tend to protect themselves emotionally after losing trust in a partner, and this song perfectly conveys that careful honesty.


When you listen to Lavender Haze, you might be picturing the iconic purple faux fur coat Taylor wore in the music video and during The Eras Tour. Much like the coat and the song, Leos know how to command the attention of a room and are not afraid to be in the spotlight. They also know that being in the spotlight can come with its challenges and rely on their innate honesty and loyalty to navigate the beginning stages of a relationship, like in the song or even a new career move.


As an earth sign, Virgos are grounded and practical, relentless in their pursuit to achieve their goals, and unafraid to keep reaching. As The Man calls out, this type of diligence can often be misunderstood and judged, especially if you’re a woman working in a male-dominated industry. Like in the song, Virgo signs may often feel exhausted by the constant hustle toward their dreams, but they have what it takes to continue to shatter glass ceilings.


This melancholy song captures the feeling of losing trust in a partner and realizing they will never be who you thought they were. Libra signs are often searching for trust and balance in their relationships, and it can be the ultimate betrayal when this symmetry is disrupted by a partner. While they’re romantics at heart, Libras also know when it’s time to move on if their needs are not met. Just like in the song, Libras will have no problem tapping into their strong communication skills to tell their partner exactly how they feel.


Scorpio signs are known for their mysteriousness and only show their sensitive side to those they trust. This beautiful and lyrical song holds space for both elusiveness and well-earned wisdom in life, which Scorpios tend to gravitate towards. Scorpios also crave alone time but value feeling their feelings when they get it. The lyric “I can’t stop you putting roots in my dreamland” is both a plea for getting someone out of your head and an emotional call of longing that Scopios can likely relate to.


The wanderers and adventurers of the zodiac, Sagittarius signs are always dreaming of the place they’re going to go next and the people they’re going to meet. Wildest Dreams has this quality to it, exhibiting a feeling of having the world set before you, ready to be experienced. While some adventures may be fleeting, Sagittariuses know that the experience and wisdom they will gain by trying something new will be worth the potential heartache of looking back on them.


Capricorn signs are dedicated to achieving their goals and often want to do so independently. This song encompasses that feeling of reaching career milestones and struggling to hold on to friendships and romantic relationships throughout the changes. In the end, Taylor’s lyrics invoke a melancholy realization yet acceptance that sometimes we have to be on our own. Of course, Capricorns can thrive in this environment, ready to face any challenge with a focused mindset.


Aquarius signs are all about living life on their own terms, and this song, from the beat to the lyrics, conveys exactly that. “It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference” might very well be the perfect Aquarius lyric because they have no time to deal with cynical comments or people. While criticism may cause them to pause at first, as the song suggests, they will eventually realize that they don’t have to give weight to everyone’s opinion. They’re just too busy thinking about their next great idea.


This song is beautiful and poetic, conveying a mystical longing that Pisces signs can relate to. Sad prose, wisteria growing, and finding the perfect place to cry are all comforting thoughts for a sensitive Pisces who wants to feel all their feelings. The song also conveys a sense of not belonging, which Pisces signs can often experience when they feel trapped between fantasy and reality. This is especially true when Pisces watch other people going about their daily lives, wondering how anyone can miss the constant beauty that Pisces see all around them.