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8 Easy Hacks to Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Look Like an Expensive Arrangement


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Source: Alaina Kaz
Source: Alaina Kaz

There’s nothing like a bundle of grocery-store flowers to instantly brighten your day and add a little color to your space. But if you’re wondering why your flower arrangement never turns out as pretty as you’d hoped—or worse, your flowers always start drooping and wilting after just a day or two—there are a few hacks that can help. To make your arrangement really look professional (and actually last), you’re going to have to go beyond simply unwrapping the cellophane packaging and plopping your flowers into a vase

Of course, there are a few flower-arranging basics every amateur florist should know. Namely, always remove the leaves below the water line of your vase, and be sure to trim the stems at an angle. But beyond that, the internet has tons of tips and tricks to make your grocery-store flowers look as professional as possible, and we rounded up some of the best. So grab a bouquet or two from your local Trader Joe’s and use these tips to create a gorgeous arrangement that looks like it came from a fancy florist shop.


1. Create a grid using tape


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If you always struggle to prevent your flowers from flopping over the side of the vase, this hack is for you. To give structure to their arrangements, pro florists often use wire cages or floral foam within the vase, but you can re-create the same effect at home using tape. Simply attach pieces of clear tape across the mouth of your vase to create a grid pattern and stick your flowers into the openings. The strips of tape will act as walls that keep the blooms in place and upright.


2. Twirl flowers upside-down to make them look fuller


Have you ever tried this rose trick? 🌸 If you like fuller looking blooms, this is a great hack. Try this with your Valentine’s Roses or spring floral arrangements and let me know what you think! This is the perfect DIY hack to use on the day of your events like baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings. #valentinesroses #roses #floralarrangements #flowerarrangement #springhome #bacheloretteparty #bridalshower #bridalbouquet #babyshower #flowers

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When you buy a bouquet of flowers from the store, many of the blooms might appear small and tightly closed, which isn’t the best look for an arrangement. To open them up, hold the stem upside-down and move your hands back and forth so the stem spins between them. The motion will help ruffle the petals and open the flower so it appears fuller and more relaxed. This trick works especially well for roses, but you could also try it with peonies, carnations, and other flowers with fluffy petals.


3. Use wire to strengthen flimsy stems


Quick lil tutorial on how i wire all my ranunculus so the stems dont break! They are ao fragile that i usually have to do this with each one. #tutorial #flowertutorial #floraldesign #weddingflorals #weddingdecor #diy #design #smallbusinesscheck #instyle #dirtyjobs #floristlife #2023brides #wildflowers #aesthetic #wildflowers

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Flowers like ranunculus are notoriously droopy because their flimsy stems struggle to hold up the weight of the bloom. The solution: strengthening the stem by threading wire through it. This might sound complicated, but it’s actually fairly easy. Just cut some floral wire to the length of your stem and place the end into the very center of the flower. Then slowly push the wire into the flower, threading it through the hollow center of the stem so it stands up straight. Trim away any remaining wire that’s visible and no one will be able to tell the difference.


4. Revive wilting hydrangeas in water


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If your hydrangeas are starting to wilt and you’re not ready to say goodbye to them yet, there’s an easy trick to revive them. Start by giving the stems a fresh cut, then submerge the entire flower (petals and all) in a bowl or sink filled with cool water. In a matter of hours, your wilted hydrangeas should look perky and hydrated again.


5. Use a flower frog at the bottom of the vase


Didn’t expect that to happen 🤦🏽‍♀️ Final result is worth it though 😍 #flowers #florals #flowerfrog #floralstyling #flowerarrangement #flowerhack

♬ Young Folks – Shindig Society

Flower frogs are a florist’s best-kept secret for blooms that always stay upright and in place. These handy tools attach to the bottom of the vase using suction cups and have small spikes across the top. As you build your arrangement, you stick the ends of the stems onto the spikes so they stay in place and don’t flop onto the sides of the vase. You can easily find these for just a few dollars on Amazon or at any store that sells floral supplies. Especially if you want to create a minimalist arrangement with lots of space between blooms, a flower frog is a must.


6. “Reflex” your roses


A little flower tip for ya! This is called reflexing, and it’s done by turning the petals inside out to add space and shape, making the rose appear larger and fluffier! #rose #flower #flowers #floraldesign #floralart #floralarrangements #fyp #fypシ #prettyflowers #HowTo

♬ Be Your Own Muse – Haley Blais

This is another tip that comes straight from a professional florist. To make your roses look as full and open as possible, you have to “reflex” them. This basically means gently peeling the petals back from the center of the flower to create a fluffier appearance. As demonstrated here, you start by turning the outermost petals inside out, then begin folding the petals in half to create “taco” shapes as you get closer to the center. The result is a fluffy, delicate rose that looks extra romantic.


7. Peel back the petals to open your tulips up


so glad I tried this tulip trick! I’ve seen this going around and figured why not give it a try on my $6 grocery store tulips! I love how they look and opening them up helps them fill up the vase and look more full! #tulipseason #tuliparrangement #bhgflowers #grocerystoreflowers #grandmillennial #grandmillenialhome #grandmillennialdecor #flowerarrangement #floraldecor #cottagecore

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This flower arrangement trick is similar to the technique above but for tulips—and with an even more transformative effect. Who knew tulips could look so dainty and delicate? All you have to do is gently invert the petals so they curve outward instead of inward toward the middle. This exposes the center of the tulip and gives it a totally new shape. Plus, the open blooms take up more space, so your vase will look fuller with fewer flowers.


8. Burn the ends of your poppies


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♬ Howl’s Moving Castle – Merry Go Round of Life – Vitamin String Quartet

Burning the ends of your flowers might seem strange, but there’s actually some science to back this hack up. Some flowers (like poppies) contain a sap that can seep out when the stem is cut and placed in water, which causes the bloom to die off faster. By burning the ends, you’re essentially cauterizing the wound, which helps the flower retain its nutrients and moisture. Keep in mind that this won’t work for every type of flower, so be sure to do some research before lighting that candle. 


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